Privacy Policy

Burracogame’s online privacy policy



BurracoGame respects the online privacy rights of its visitors, and recognizes the importance of providing a secure environment for the information collected.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to offer our online guests an explanatory document on how their personal data is collected, according to the article 13 of Regulation UE 2016/679processed and used (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”). This Privacy Policy explains how BurracoGame safeguards its online visitors’ right to privacy. By using this website, you accept this Privacy Policy. Please keep in mind that Burracogame’s Privacy Policy is not applied to other websites that you can access through the links on the Burracogame website, since we have no control over the activities of these sites. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy may vary over time; Check this page regularly to make sure you don’t miss possible updates. The date of the last update indicates the date of the most recent changes.

This Privacy Policy respects all applicable personal data protection laws.

This Privacy Policy applies to the following website: https://www.burracogame.com

Burracogame also has other domain names that link directly to the aforementioned website, in which case the Privacy Policy applies equally. In addition, we may in the future add sites that are currently not included in the list, but which provide a link to this Privacy Policy and which comply with its terms.

What personal data do we collect and how do we use it?

BurracoGame collects personal information in compliance with all applicable laws. An online visitor generally sends data to Burracogame for the following purposes: (1) download virtual objects or register; (2) accessing gaming services; (3) send a complaint; (4) access technical support or customer support and / or (5) visit the site, (6) visit the blog;

What other data will we collect, and how will we use it?

Your web browsing program will send BurracoGame some geographical information, data on your computer (e.g. technical characteristics, browser type, game data) and data regarding the use of our products and services (e.g. connection and disconnection time ). BurracoGame will use this data to generate statistics on its community of players. In addition, BurracoGame will use this information to strengthen system security and integrity (prevention of piracy, “cheats” etc.), or to protect it. The use of personal data may vary according to the products and services. Please read carefully the documentation attached to the games. On special occasions, such as the possible violation of our terms of use, or at the explicit request of the legal authority, we may link this information to your personal data.

BurracoGame will also ask you to define a username and password. Please do not use your real name, another person’s name, or a copyrighted name as your username.

What are “cookies” and how do we use them?

“Cookies” are small files sent to your hard drive by the websites you visit. All the “cookies” stored on your computer can be used to store details such as your password, or previous registrations and / or authentications.

BurracoGame can use “cookies” on its websites to register your registration, so that you are not obliged to enter your username, password, or registration details at each connection.

BurracoGame can use “cookies” to collect information on which sections of the site you usually visit, the products you are most interested in, and follow your navigation through its sites.

What are Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and how do we use them?

An IP address is the number assigned to your server or computer by your internet service provider (Internet Service Provider or “ISP”). BurracoGame can request these IP addresses for the authentication of your account, for system administration purposes, or for the collective sending of information. BurracoGame can also use IP addresses to limit access to its servers by other users in order to avoid the improper use of these servers.

Who collects, processes and uses your personal data?

When you visit a BurracoGame site and you are asked to provide some information, BurracoGame will be the only recipient of this information, unless it is clearly indicated otherwise. Some services, however, are provided in association with affiliated companies, and therefore, in order to provide such services, BurracoGame may share your information with these affiliated companies. If a company other than BurracoGame receives your personal data, you will be notified before the operation takes place. In any case, the transfer of personal data to third party companies will take place only with your express authorization.

The information entered in the forms on the BurracoGame sites will be sent to BurracoGame only after pressing the “enter” or “OK” button. You can stop the transfer at any time by closing the window in which the form is located, e.g. by closing your browser before clicking on the “enter”, or “OK” button; in this case, no information will be sent to BurracoGame.

How can your personal data be used?

The personal information you send to BurracoGame allows us to process your orders, and provide you with customer support, in-game assistance, and technical support. If you wish, this data may also be used to send you information about our new products, updates and / or competitions, promotional offers and special events.

With your consent, we may also send your personal information to other companies or organizations that offer products that may interest you.

Who can we share your information with?

As a general rule, BurracoGame will not send your information to third parties without your authorization. However, we may disclose some data to third party resellers in response to the order of one of their products, or to add you to the distribution list of that reseller’s advertising bulletin. We may also share this information in some cases, if our terms of use or license agreements have been violated, or in good faith, we evaluate this action as legally justified.

What are your rights regarding the collection, use and distribution of your personal data?

BurracoGame allows you to monitor how we use the personal information we obtain. Each type of promotional material that BurracoGame could send you (eg “newsletters”) contains an internal mechanism that allows you to block further sending of such material (voluntary unsubscription)

What level of security is applied to your personal information?

BurracoGame makes safety its point of honor. Any information you send us must be protected and absolutely unaffected. In this regard, we will do everything to ensure that third parties to whom we may refer this information provide sufficient security guarantees.

What should you do if you want to correct or review your personal data?

If, for any reason, you are concerned about how we collect your personal information, if you wish to access it, correct it, or review it, or if you wish us to delete it from our servers, please contact Burracogame. Please keep in mind that deleting your personal data from our server will automatically result in the closure of your account and all applicable services.

What should you do if you have any questions or complaints?

For any questions or complaints, write to: service@burracogame.com

Note to parents

We feel particularly obliged to protect any information obtained from young people. We strongly urge parents to instruct their children never to reveal their real name, address and telephone number while surfing online, without their prior permission. No information should be sent to BurracoGame by anyone under 12 years old. BurracoGame undertakes never to knowingly collect data provided by children of 12 years of age or less.

Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 should ask their parents or legal guardians to read our Privacy Policy and contact us if they wish any information about our guarantee of confidentiality, or provide us with a comment on the content of the site.

Visiting the BurracoGame websites and using the online services provided therein implies acceptance of the Burracogame Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our websites or use our online services.

Specific for the regulations in Italy:


We inform you that, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the personal data you provide may be processed in compliance with the indicated standard: these data will be processed by Siesta Games LTD- this also as owner in the figure of the pro-tempore administrator – as well as, possibly, by its employees in charge for institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to the activity of our company, both manually and through automated tools. The data provided, or otherwise acquired as part of our business, may also be disclosed to natural or legal persons, in Italy or abroad who, on behalf and / or in the interest of our company, provide specific processing services or activities connected, instrumental or support to that of our company, or still activities necessary for the establishment and / or execution and / or conclusion of a commercial or contractual relationship established or established (the indication of these subjects is available to customers who request). We also inform you that, in relation to the aforementioned treatments, you can exercise in the manner provided for in articles 8 and 9 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 the rights referred to in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. Finally, we inform you that any refusal to provide us with your personal data and to authorize its communication and treatment as indicated above, could make it impossible to establish and / or continue this relationship.


In relation to the information pursuant to d. lgs. 196/2003 provided, the content of which I am aware of and I fully understand its meaning and scope, I express full consent to the entire processing of my personal data by your company and / or its agents for the purposes represented as well consent to the communication and sending of the data to third parties belonging to the categories of subjects indicated in the aforementioned information or to transfers to third countries, in compliance with the applicable rules on confidentiality and security. I also express consent to the processing of my personal data by natural or legal persons who provide you with instrumental activities or support for the execution of the activity or services requested by me or in any case rendered to me. Finally, I give my consent that the processing of my personal data may take place manually and / or with electronic and / or automated methods suitable for connecting the data also with those of other subjects, based on qualitative, quantitative and temporal criteria , recurring or definable from time to time.