2 di cuori nel gioco del burraco chiamata pinellaThe pinella

The function of the pinella

In the game of burraco, as many of you know, the pinella plays a key role. Because it has the same function as the wildcard, and therefore allows you to build sequences and combinations.Comparing these two cards, the only advantage that the joker has is that it has a higher value in terms of points, which is worth 30 points against the 20 of the pinella. But in the construction of the game and its versatility is always preferable to the joker.It in fact, unlike the wild card, can also play the role of the natural 2. That is, placed in a sequence of the same suit, after the ace and before 3, is a clean game. This allows that sequence to add another pinella of any suit or a wild card. That is not allowed if there was a wild card in the sequence between the ace and the 3. This feature often allows us to solve some game situations.

Let’s take a few examples

Consider that we are closing and we have a card, our games on the ground are all, as they say, dirty, or have a wild card or a pinella. If we catch a joker, we are unable to close and the situation is complicated not a little. Vice versa, if we catch a pinella of the same suit as a ground sequence ending with a 3, we can tie it and close it.Another example: it can happen that we have a wild card and another card in our hands and we have to take the well. If we catch another wild card and we don’t have two clean games on the ground to attack them, not only do we not go to the well but the situation becomes complicated. Conversely, if we catch a pinella, even if we don’t go to the well anyway, the situation is much simpler. Because by fishing an ace or a 3 or even a 4 of the same seed of the pinella we can make a trio and go to the cockpit live. We can make other examples, but the important thing is to always keep this characteristic in mind. This makes it the most important card in the game, which is why we always hope to draw it.