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Free burraco video tutorials

Here you’ll find tutorial videos that will illustrate everything about the free burraco game. From how to download and install it to all its functions and menus.

The aim is definitely to help less practical users to overcome all the difficulties. What difficulties… those who meet in the various steps during the installation procedure of the game burraco free. In addition to this we will explain all the options of the various menus included in yhe game. Describing each function of each key step by step. As a result, the user will be able to fully understand the various features of the game.

Our free burraco videos can also be found on youtube

BurracoGame main menu free burraco

Main menu

Screen composed of six keys, each with a specific function, for example the tables key gives the possibility to enter directly into the active part of the game. Where you can choose whether to create your own table or in an existing one.

Contrary to the other buttons you can access all those functions related to the game.

Free Burraco menu with all functions to manage your friends list

Friends menu

In this menu you can create a friends list with which you can interact in different ways. For example, by chatting or inviting you to a table. In addition, another function that allows you to have no contact with unwanted users is to put them in a blacklist.



Free burraco green club button with central inscription

Menù club

This feature is still under development, although it will have an important part in the game, as later membership in a club, will allow access for example to dedicated tournaments.




Free burraco screen where you can choose the tournament you prefer

Tournaments menu

This menu will be the most interesting and innovative part of the game. So it will soon be available and will be divided into several modes that you will soon discover. In particular, each user can choose the type of tournament he likes.

Free burraco screen where to customize your avatar

Account menu

The account menu as well as the ability to customize your profile, such as nationality and avatar will also allow access to the virtual store. Practically will give the user the opportunity to buy various gadgets such as backgrounds tables, emoticons etc…

Free burraco screen where you can activate or not the audio and choose your preferred resolution

Options menu

This screen is very intuitive and simple. Because it allows the choice of the screen resolution according to the characteristics of your PC and the activation or not of the audio.