BURRACO, one of the most beautiful card games online of the momente

Learn how to play this fantastic card games online, so read the document of the rules of the burraco.

Then in the pdf document you will be explained in a simple way the rules of the card games online, burraco.

Burraco rules logo of the card games online BurracoGame consisting of a black b at the top and a red g at the bottom

Rules Burraco

Full Burraco Game Rules

In practice, the document explains the game for those who start playing for the first time and want to know the basics. Surely the F.I.Bur. regulation is the complete guide for the fans of the burraco. Here you will find in detail every single rule and every explanation about its application. Why did we want to insert such a document?… why our game unlike other online games, wants to fully comply with these rules. In fact our score for example will be faithful to the rules of Burraco F.I.Bur., and not with the scheme of +1 in case of victory, or -1 in case of defeat.

Another example is that of tournaments, where we have also included the F.I.Bur. tournament. Specifically, each player will play a set number of games. So there will be no elimination, but only at the end of the tournament there will be a ranking based on the total score. Who will do in the highest score will have won. In essence losing the first game will not be decisive, as we have others to make up for it and eventually win.

The burraco is a game and therefore has its own rules, why not apply them? This is the first question we asked ourselves when we started this adventure. So we decided, differently from all other online games of the burkha, to respect them. In the future we’ll add variables to make the game more addictive. But it is always the user who will slip.