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If you have any dobtus you can always use BurracoGame contacts,

The purpose of this section is not only informative but also supportive, for all those who are not familiar with an online game. In fact, we’ll respond to any practical requirement of the functionality of each individual part of the game.

Without hesitation you can send us a message specifying a problem, but not only, as we will also respond to the simplest requests for support. An example: “I can’t understand how to put a friend on the friend list”, in this case our staff will explain all the steps for the required need.


However, before submitting questions to solve some of the difficulties in the functionality of the game, we advise you to view our tutorials, which you can find both on our site and on youtube, or through our blog. We have created these sections, precisely with the aim of letting you know in detail all aspects of the BurracoGame game, and all the information about the strategies and rules of the Burraco.

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e-mail: service@burracogame.com

The staff of BurracoGame is at your complete disposal in case of operational problems or even maintenance and problems related to your account. Thanks to a staff of collaborators always available you can have quality support at any time. BurracoGame is not only a game, but also information and aggregation…so help us to grow. Contact us by filling in the form

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