The italian Burraco Tournament section is finally coming…

So in addition to the solitaire you also do a burraco tournament

In reality, no solitaire wil ever be more exciting and fun than a burraco tournament of Italian. So go to the Home page and dowload the game BurracoGame and strt climbing the ranking to become emperor.

We are creating a series of challenges and championships to make the game of the gale even more fun and exciting. Basically you will find three tournament modes, as defined: SPINS – DIRECT ELIMINATION – POINTS.

Spins: the tournament, obviously divided into groups, includes rounds from which only the first two classified will pass, to then dispute the stages following elimination.

Direct elimination: this burraco tournament includes a series of elimination clashes, i.e. semi-final and final quarters up to one winner.

Points: here the scenario changes completely, as each player will make a fixed number of game and the player who has scored the highest score will be the winner.

Info: in the burraco tournament, among the new features, there will be that of the tournament point, or in the burraco tournament challenges will be awarded scores, which will also serve to unloock the next level, then climb in the standings. Therefore it will become necessary to play the burraco tournaments if you want to increase your title of nobility

Burraco Tournament Jolly leaning against the BurracoGame Gold Cup logo