BurracoGame logo of the burako game

Hi everyone, fans of the burako

Finally we welcome you to our burako site.

Here you have the opportunity to play burako online and also to learn about our platform BURRACOGAME. Thanks to video tutorial we will show you step by step all the modes and functions of our game.

Our vision of the online gale is to make the game as close as possible to the real game. Not only in respect of the rules, but also trying to create a game unfolding, similar to reality. For this reason we will shortly insert a tournament mode as provided by the F.I.Bur (Confederation italian burraco).

Our features

But this does not mean we forget that the most important thing is that it is fluid, interactive and, above all, fun. So over time we will also include other modes of play, just leisure. We want the user to choose our platform because in addition to having beautiful graphics is a reference point for their leisure time. In fact we are creating a social system, where the user can communicate with everyone and also share images for example. This will make us versatile, but the base will always remain the game of the gale and everything that revolves around it. So only those who love the gale here will find the best, the so-called troublemakers will have short lives.

This does not mean that the game is aimed only at experts in the burako online, but also to all those who want to approach this very fun game. All this thanks to the different modes, ranging from single game to many other competitions such as tournaments and championships. You won’t believe it, but we need you, because all your advice will be invaluable to us in making it the best online burako game. CONTACT US for now we greet you, but follow us because there will be so many new things!!!